Selling Your Home

For most families, their home is their largest financial asset, and deciding to sell it is a big decision.  The business of selling your home is complex.  Preparation, Positioning and Presentation are crucial considerations. When you're ready to sell it's important to have an experienced real estate professional handle the details involved in the successful sale of a home.  It's all about effective actions to produce the desired outcome.  As an experienced professional who for years has helped many Spokane residents sell their homes, I want to ask you some important questions ~ How will your home be found by Today's Internet Shopper and Why would they buy your home Today over the competition?  Do you think a sign in your yard with "Price Reduced" or "New Price" is helping or hurting your value?  If you were a Buyer, would you buy a home in Today's changing market that was being represented as a depreciating property?  Is reducing the price of your home, the best market position? 

I think its time for a Private Sector Stimulus.  We need to create marketing actions that will produce the desired outcome.  I want to add value to your Home and not de-value your home ~ for you as the Seller or for the Future Buyer.  I am here to represent your best interest!

You are hiring a Professional Realty Company to inspire a sell, retain and grow neighborhood values.  As an experienced professional, I know how to handle every aspect of the sales process - from strategically marketing and showcasing your home to making sure everything's signed, sealed and delivered by the closing date. Providing you with comprehensive, high-quality listing service is my top priority. So when you decide to sell your home, please contact me and let's get started!

The following articles are a great place to start if you're looking for information about the sales process and how you can get more for your home when you decide to sell.

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